The First Day

First off, I LOVE LONDON. However, the first day was quite an experience. I got a total of 45 minutes of sleep on one of the most turbulent flights of my entire life. We got through customs no problem and met another girl in FIE so we split a cab three ways. Driving in London is nothing at all like driving on in the states. Our driver was fast, fearless and not going to stop for anything. We avoided main traffic which caused him to get lost and caused our fee to be almost 90 pounds. Crazy!! I felt a little bit homesick but I get that way when I haven’t slept at all. Overall, not too bad.

We got to our apartment around 9:00 in the morning (British time) and about 3:00 u.s time. I have a single room that at first glance was really depressing. I made sure I put up pictures, cards from friends and some other stuff on the wall to feel a little bit less depressing. I forgot a towel and hairdryer, so I had to go make a run for those. Other than that all our apartment needs now are groceries!


I have very cool flatmates. There are ten in all (two boys and eight girls). We are from Illinois, D.C., New York, and Wisconsin so we are a pretty diverse group. We get along great which really makes the transition easier.

We spent all day from 10:00 to after 4:00 just running around from Mansion place to Foundation House to Metrogate (all the FIE buildings) and I was completely exhausted after not really sleeping for over 24 hours. I skyped with my sister, got diner at a cool French place named Pret, had a meeting and was in bed by 9:00. Pretty laid back, but it was a really great first day.

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  1. :)

    How could you forget your hairdryer?! ;)

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