Fish & Chips and Other Adventures

My second day here was amazing! I finally got a decent cellphone (my first one was a total waste of time and money), changed my pin so I could get money and really got to explore. I also had my first English fish & chips with cider (fermented apple cider). It was delicious! It is now the second most popular dish in the country, right behind curry.


Fun facts I learned today:

1) Pepper spray is considered a firearm in England

2) The police do not carry guns because guns are illegal and they do not want to encourage them

3) British English and American English are not the same thing

For example if you can “pass the rubber” in England that means “pass the eraser.” Definitely  not the same thing in America. Also, if you say you spilled something on your pants, pants means underwear here so people will ask you not to share what is on them. There are a lot more but they are all very subtle. It is really funny how hard it is to understand some Brits even though we both speak English.

We went exploring on Kensington High Street ( a very nice shopping district) which was very cool!

Anyways, it’s getting late and I need to get some sleep. Cheers!

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One response to “Fish & Chips and Other Adventures

  1. Colleen Moore

    Fish n chips could quite possibly be one of my favorite all time dishes. Make sure to try it with the malt vinegar. Try to do one new thing each day! Oh – your sweaters are “jumpers”…. Glad you’re having fun. Stu & Élan can’t wait to hear more…..

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