Getting lost, classes and lots and lots of tea…

Okay so before you get worried I got lost I would just like to tell you I did not actually get completely lost. My friends and I just went exploring in the center of london and we didn’t exactly know where we were 100% of the time. This led to some really amazing discoveries:

1) I now know how to use the tube. Sweet.

2) We found Trafalgar (as in the Battle of Trafalgar) square and the clock that counts down to the olympics!

3) We saw THE most amazing art museum.

4) I got some pretty cool tea mugs.

We found “The National Gallery” and saw some of the greatest artwork I have ever seen. We saw Picasso, Monet and Degas. *sigh* It was beautiful!! I saw this picture…


and this one…


and this one…


Amazing, right?

I also started classes this week. I like my first two I have had, but the three hour time blocks are killing me. My classes are Peace and Conflict Resolution, British Life and Cultures and Understanding Civilizations: Islam and the West. Did I mention that I get to go to Turkey for 3 days as part of my last class? Sometimes my life is just so hard. =)

Before coming to the UK, I assumed that the whole tea thing was kind of a myth, but as I have learned the English do not mess around about tea. I am trying to go to a real afternoon tea soon, but I guess my box of Twinning’s with simply have to suffice until then. Also, tea here is delicious. Ask literally any of my friends and they will tell you what a crazy tea lady I am. However, being set loose in a country that has a daily¬†allotment of time towards drinking tea is like finding my mothership. Just in case you were wondering, I still literally geek out at every single historical thing I see. With all the history and tea that are present, I obviously feel right at home.

Well, I had breakfast, did some homework and am going to get ready for class soon.

Hmm…maybe another cuppa tea first? Cheers!!


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3 responses to “Getting lost, classes and lots and lots of tea…

  1. Dawn Brackett

    Katie, your post are fascinating and I am enjoying reading them. Thank you for taking me on this trip also. I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments. Love ya, Dawn

  2. Becky McGrady

    Hey Kate! Great to hear how your experience in the UK is going….sounds wonderful. Or should I say: Lovely?
    Be safe and take it all in, Love, Aunt Becky

  3. Ashley

    Who are your professors at FIE? Let me know! Glad you are having fun and I love reading your blog…i know stalkerish

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