Positano (Spring Break, Part Two)

For the next part of spring break, we headed to Positano, which is located in southern Italy. 


Woke up in Rome and took the metro to the train station. We got on a train to Naples, which is sketch central and famous for having a lot of pick-pockets. Naturally, I was on high alert and I’m sure I looked ridiculous hanging on to the zippers of all my bags and jacket pockets. They probably didn’t pick my pockets because they were laughing at me. Anyways from Naples we took the metro to Sorrento and then a very long (very carsick) bus ride to Positano. At first sight, the sun had gone down, it was FREEZING and were all exhausted and starving. Not a great start to a vacation in a new place. We finally got to our rooms, had an absolutely amazing dinner, complete with pizza and Italian wine. Then, we all went to bed nice and early, hoping tomorrow would be much, much warmer.


We woke up at 11:00 and had a really great brunch at this place that was literally on the beach. Then we went exploring. Southern Italy and Positano in particular are famous for their large lemon crop. They make  lemon soap, lemoncello, lemon candy and lemon perfume. Positano is a tourist city and, as were there in February during the off-season, it was like we literally had the whole place to ourselves. After a bit of shopping we hung out on the beach and enjoyed the sun before it went down and got cold again. We dinner at the same place we had lunch and then came back and watched legally blonde on my roommate’s computer. Also, if I had to sum up italy in one word it would be: STAIRS. There were over 500 steps between our room and the beach. Now imagine climbing that at least three times a day, including late at night. Yeah…I sounded like a wheezing asthmatic kid all the way, but I made it. =) 


We got up and had oranges for breakfast and headed down to the beach. Now, for those of you who know me extremely well, you will know I am terrified of the ocean. Like, deathly terrified. However, I (somewhat) conquered my fear and went out with my friend Kelly up to my waist. Even though the beach was beautiful and warm, the water was not. The beach was really rocky and the water was incredibly cold. Guess what? I swam in the ocean past my knees. I guess there’s a first for everything.

When we got back to our room, we learned that that the next day (aka when we were supposed to leave) there was a huge labor strike in Southern Italy. So, after a bit of freaking out we called a cab and got everything sorted out and got dinner at the place we ate at the first night. It was a great last full day in Italy.


We got up early and packed all of our stuff to go to the airport for our flight that was at 9:00 at night. Our roommate who booked the cab told him to be ready to leave at 10:00. Our cab ride was an hour and a half. So…if you have put two and two together you will notice that we got to the airport at 11:30 and our flight was nine and a half hours later. NINE AND A HALF HOURS IN THE SUPER SKETCHY NAPELS AIRPORT WITH NOTHING TO ENTERTAIN ME BUT A RED PEN AND A NOTEBOOK. By this point all of my electronics had died and I may or may not have lost my sanity in the midst of such a long waiting period. Also, people were literally leering at all of our bags…it was very unsettling. Fun fact: my favorite thing to draw is elephants and after nine and a half hours I could literally teach a class in it. We finally got on the plane, exhausted and cranky, and the eventually through customs. The two flatmates I was with and myself had to take a wired route home and didn’t get in until two in the morning but it was was good to be home after such a long trip.


(the view from my room)



I guess that’s all for now!! Ciao!!

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