Surrey (Spring Break, Part Three)

When I got back (and had fully recovered) from the exhaustion that was Italy, I made a trip to Surrey to visit some (very distant and not-so-related) family. I went to see me Aunt Mary Jean’s sister’s sister-in-law and her family. Is that distant enough for you? I met Sarah, Murray 2/3 of their children (Zoey and Tom) and my aunt’s sister Julie and her daughter Hannah. It was really great to have a full family that was totally happy to have me impose on their lives and make me feel so welcomed. They were so incredibly sweet and it was really wonderful to meet them. They even took me to see my first British football game (Tom was the team captain of his football team at his secondary school so of course we had to go see him play)!! It was a fun day and I’m so happy I go to meet them. Hopefully, I will be able to meet up with them before I leave!


Sarah and I on the football pitch


Tom and his football team


Murray and I at Tom’s school (St. John’s in Leatherhead)



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