My City

A few weeks ago, my a few flatmates and I decided to finish off everything else on our London to-do list:

The British Library

Tate Modern Art Museum


Harrod’s (I know, I know I should have gone before the last week of march, but I have been busy!)

Portobello Road

Yes, we did all of these in one day. We started off with going to the Saturday morning market on Portobello road, then the British Library, followed by Tate Modern, crossed the Millennium Bridge, had a cuppa at Twinning’s and finished off our day at Harrod’s.

Portobello Road is incredible  and I highly recommend it to anyone. So cool and so much going on, but not like Camden or Spitalfield’s. It definitely had an energy all it’s own and has so much to see and do! I also got a really gorgeous watch, so check it out.

The British Library was unbelievable. I saw the Magna Carta, the original scrolls of the bible, the handwritten fragments of Jane Austen’s books and handwritten works by Shakespeare. This place is a gem and definitely something I would not have known about if one of my friends hadn’t said something. Also, they have a large portion of the gift shop devoted to Lewis Carrol and Alice in Wonderland. Loved it.

Tate Modern was built to look like a factory. However, modern art is not my thing. I can appreciate the art, but I don’t think it is my taste at all. That being said, it is still a cool experience and free. Both of which are always great. After that we crossed the Millennium Bridge, which was the one that was destroyed in Harry Potter. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then google it because you will definitely remember it when you see it.

Then we went to Twinning’s, a very famous tea company that literally makes the best tea I have ever tasted. Side note: the tea is so much better, I don’t know if I can ever really go back to liking tea from home. Sounds snobby, but if you have some you will realize it really isn’t. We even got to have a free cup of whatever kind we wanted. So amazing!!

Finally, we went to Harrod’s. I hadn’t been before that which I know is going to shock some people, but it’s very true. Also, I hadn’t heard of it before coming here so it’s didn’t seem like it was really that big of a deal. Harrod’s is a spectacle. Literally everything you could ever want is in the store all at remarkable highly prices. I do recommend checking it out just for the experience.

Some pictures from the day:Image

Portobello Road Market


Guess what this place is…


Tea Time!



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