La Vie En Rose (Easter in Paris)

We took the Eurorail to Paris for Easter. Our hotel was gorgeous and only a few minutes from the Eiffel Tower. In fact, that was the first thing we did. Our afternoon consisted of climbing the stair to the second floor of the tower and seeing the Notre Dame. We were even there for Good Friday mass at the Notre Dame. I had been to Paris before, but seeing everything again gave me a new appreciation for it. On the second day, we spent all day at Versailles. The gardens were breathtaking and the last time was there I barely went exploring, so naturally we spent almost 5 hours outside exploring. We even found Marie Antoinette’s private little house, her garden and the best macaroons and hot chocolate I have eve had in my life. That night, I had escargot for the very first time. Yes, those are snails and yes, it was delicious. On Easter Sunday (AKA my sister’s birthday!! Don’t worry, we skyped and dI sent her a present. It’s all good!), We spent a good six hours at the Lourve, just wandering and taking it all in. I even got to see the Mona Lisa and Wings of Victory again. We also found the lock bridge that is this famous romantic spot. Basically, if you are in love you fasten a lock onto the bridge to symbolize your relationship. If it falls off into the Seine, that means your relationship will last forever. General note, it is hard to no believe in true love after seeing that sight of so many locks dedicated to the relationships that made people’s lives meaningful. Amazing. The next morning we got up and got some fresh fruit and pastries and ate breakfast in front of the Eiffel tour before having to go back to London. Overall, I’d say it was a pretty successful Easter weekend. 








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