Just a Little Bit About Me…

Oh well hello.

I’m am studying abroad in London the spring of 2012. I look forward to stalking the British royal family, drinking tea to an unhealthy level and essentially living on the West End seeing show after show (typical tourist). Oh, and I guess actually going to class, gaining work experience with my internship abroad and attempting to become a real Londoner. Am I excited? All signs point to yes…

3 responses to “Just a Little Bit About Me…

  1. Linda Sexton

    Katie,I am so happy for you,I know you will achieve what you wnat and get it!! Enjoy yourself while you are doing it.

    love grandma sexton

  2. Kate. Do you have a photo of your college in London?

  3. Glad you are back from Turkey to rest for the Scotland weekend. Grandma Jane

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